Kyle Rubalcava

Born and raised in the quiet outskirts of the City of Angels. I picked up my first camera five years ago. If you'd asked me before that point, I would have told you that I never pictured myself ever becoming an artist of any capacity.

It was an innocent moment--one that could have easily been passed by--when I came across Marius Vieth's "Urban Lights" on the front page of Reddit. I was never one for art, but for the first time ever, I felt like I just "got" a photo. It was beautiful, it spoke to me, and it challenged me to get out there in the world and try it myself. I did just that.

Picking up the camera helped me find myself. I found that I loved working with people, that I loved capturing genuine moments of emotion, and I try my best to bring those out from within the people I work with. I want to help tell the stories they want to share.

I've learned a lot through these last few years, and I strive to learn more. I won't be content until I take a photograph that I feel is on par with the one that inspired me to start this crazy and wondrous journey. In the meantime, you'll find me happily spending my days in the Middle School Science classroom of Bridges Academy.